Very dear Friend, 

 “In the ordinary things of life, we are constantly encountering what mortal mind calls difficulties.
They are less likely to occur if we are continually refuting the false suggestions that present themselves to
us, whether they seem to be personal or remote. Every erroneous suggestion must be replaced by a right
idea. Sometimes one achieves a certain sense of freedom and rests in that. It is like the man referred to in
the Bible who built barns to bestow all his goods and the Lord said: “This night thy soul shall be required of
thee” (Luke 12:20). In other words, “This night you must gain a spiritual sense and see the unreality of
materiality.” We cannot rest in past accomplishments, but must maintain constant alertness in order to
progress Spiritward.

    The study of Christian Science gives us infinite wisdom, ever available, but it requires work on our part
regarding our ambitions, desires and hopes in order that we may be properly directed. It appears that we
should be wiser and more alert than we are at times. We should make actual declarations of Truth and
actual denials of error in regard to ourselves, our families, our desires, our homes, our churches, our
businesses and our world, in order to gain more dominion.”

    “What is it that handles malpractice or animal magnetism? Is it not the Christ consciousness? Would
Christ get into a contest with malpractice or animal magnetism? Certainly not! We must not treat these
errors as though they were ducks in a shooting gallery – something that is real, that has to be shot down
and then pops up again and again to be shot down. If there was any intelligence in either malpractice or
animal magnetism, if they could say anything at all, they would certainly want to be considered a force or
power that had to be fought with hammer and tongs. Being secondary beliefs to mortal mind, their only
claim to existence is in the belief of their reality or power. When we treat error in that manner, – that is,
when we fight it, – we make it real. It is the omnipotence of good, God, and our discernment and
demonstration of the Christ that overcomes these evils. It is what you know of God that makes you the son
of God and gives you the power of the Truth to be free.”
Pauline B. Rader – Association Addresses Vol. V 

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 Insights from the Study and Practice of Christian Science
  Description: This book includes a collection of articles on Christian Science, the results of a study into the
profound utility of Mary Baker Eddy’s Manual of The Mother Church, a spiritual translation of The Song of
Solomon, and a selection of personal experiences and testimonies of healing.

 Revelation: The Prophecy and Fulfillment of Man
 Description: Jesus promised his disciples in his day, “This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled”(Luke 21:32). This book explores the best evidence we have that Jesus kept his promise when he deliveredthe Comforter to all mankind through his beloved disciple John in the book we call The Revelation.  For
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