The Comforter – Physics to Metaphysics

by Yvonne Reus

A review of this book by Ann Beals is as follows: As many of us know, physicists in the scientific community have announced that there is no matter in the universe; all is mind or consciousness. In this book (all in one volume, or separated into three volumes) by Yvonne Reus we have a summary of where we are in this journey. We find that the “new physics” is bringing to light a dimension of the universe that is the source of the energy, life, and creativity of all things. It is a source which holds everything in perfect equilibrium. This suggests a universal intelligence, a “God” as we would say.  Eventually it will lead necessarily to the merging of religion and science into one complete explanation of reality. Many physicists are trying to explain this unseen dimension in the universe as a spiritual “Cause.”

Mrs. Reus has written a book that brings out this “new-to- most-of-mankind” discovery.  She brings to our attention the wonderful fact that this knowledge of God was known and used in Bible times, though it was thought by most to be miraculous in that age.  Prescient men and women, who were highly spiritual, however, healed physical and other difficult situations using their consciousness of this forever-operative science or “God” as a sure solution…

That mankind is not forever up against sin, sickness, disease, and death is this revelation, discussed at length in our Holy Bible.  Its message, brought out fully in her book, explains this wonderful “science” as it developed in mankind’s thought from “the beginning” with Adam and Eve, symbolizing mankind’s usurpation of the universal science for their own sinful selfish wants. It takes us through the thousands of years needed before we were ready to return to our spiritual reality as spiritual manifestations of the eternal truth of creation’s perfect harmony, and as finally illustrated by Jesus and his disciples and apostles.

Mrs. Reus, having been a Christian Scientist for many years, read about the physicists’ discovery with great joy, for it attributed to what would have to be called “God” the universal, perfect workings of the universe, including mankind. It obliterates “matter” as an entity and cause.  It affirms “Mind” as the only creator. Christian Science, discovered and then founded by a woman, Mary Baker Eddy, in the mid-1800s-1910, used that knowledge to do magnificent healing work, just as Jesus and his disciples and apostles did. She taught her students to do it, wrote a book, Science and Health with Key To The Scriptures and established a church to carry on the education and healing for all of mankind in the early years. In another book she wrote, “As we struggle through the cold night, matter will become vague and melt into nothing under the microscope of Mind.”  (The People’s Idea of God, 10:5-7)

Evan Walker, PhD, a physicist, writes: “We have fathomed the relationship between mind phenomena and quantum mechanics- between miracle and physics. In all of this, we can see the miracles of our faiths, which seemed to defy all reason, now lie within the grasp of understanding that these things do not violate the laws of the universe but rather form a part of a reality that bonds man, mind, and God together in a lawful and knowing universe. We can now understand that these miracles are the inevitable consequence of our own being.” In other words, they are not miraculous, but normal outcomes of applying the ever-operative Principle (God) of the universe, its law of perfection, which governs all. When we know this is the truth, a healing or satisfactory outcome appears. He continues: “All of us have known the materialists’ vision of reality. All of us have spent our lives boxed up in it. Maybe now, some of us can see beyond this. Maybe now some of us can see the justification of faith. Maybe some of us can see deep in all of this the God of Abraham, see the Trinity, see miracles as more than myth in shaping who we are. . . We have seen that the discoveries of the 20th century have altered the view of reality as something that can be understood apart from the observer who is a part of that reality: we have been forced to abandon the concept of objective reality. After so many hints, we see that we must restructure our concepts of nature and put ourselves back in the picture. Finally, we see that we must understand consciousness, so obviously a part of reality, in order to understand fully any part of the design.” (Evan Harris Walker, The physics of consciousness (capitalization per book cover), Basic Books Perseus Book Group, NY 2000)

There is a new merging of science and religion coming about. Many physicists are writing books similar to the one by Mr. Walker. Mrs. Reus shows that the present need for one scientific viewpoint, one that combines science and religion, has already been supplied with the coming of Christian Science or the “new Science.” In the first chapter of her book, Mrs. Reus immediately introduces Mrs. Eddy and Christian Science Throughout her book, she includes this “new Science” as the way to understand the Bible, which is steeped in it.

She also includes a detailed history of Mrs. Eddy’s life, including her healing work. She sees the Bible as a scientific book that is the earliest evidence of this “new Science”, -proof that everyone can understand and use the scientific laws and healing elements in this newly discovered dimension to meet every need, as Christ Jesus did.  The world has yet to discover the healing power of prayer hidden in this spiritual realm. Slowly the world will learn that Christian Science is a scientific discovery of the first magnitude, for it explains the scientific relationship between science and religion. What proof is there of this? Proof is found in the thousands of recorded healings all due to prayer in Christian Science.

The world will discover that understanding and obeying the spiritual laws in this largely unknown realm will give to them the power of “prayer,” using the known facts of the universe and its perfection enables us to heal every situation. Then everyone will want what this “new Science” teaches and how to practice the power that prayer gives them. In this way, the merging of science and religion will become a form of scientific enlightenment that will grow into a world-wide study of the “new Science.”

Mrs. Reus has written of the role Christian Science will have as the world moves ever deeper into the realm of Mind, which is the Principle, Life, and Truth of all creation. In Christian Science we will learn that the divine Science of the universe is also Spirit, Soul, and Love.  This higher   understanding of our Creator and ourselves as the expression of it will serve to propel us into the very promise given us by Christ Jesus, “He that believeth in me shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” Jesus tells us that his “me” is “the way, the truth, and the life.”  “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me.” The true view we will gain of that will propel us into eternal life—no more sin, sickness, or death.”  The Creator and creation is perfect and remain forever so. I highly recommend this book, for it gives us a good indication of where we are headed as time ticks away. Scientific progress will gradually draw together science and religion into one magnificent concept. This scientific explanation of God and man leads to an understanding of the healing works recorded in the Bible and how we can accomplish them today.  Many examples of healing are recorded and explained.

Ann Beals

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