The Bookmark Newsletter V.163
June 2020
Dear Friend,
       Here are some thoughts I have found particularly useful at this time. I hope you will find them useful too.
  “Today evil is not as strongly resisted by Christian principles as it has been in the past. Because of humanity’s loss of faith in God, the antichrist is sweeping through the world in swelling waves of individual and universal problems, showing the effects of evil on civilization when man’s moral basis is weakened. Human goodness alone is not enough to counteract the many aggressive forms of discord and adversity we now face. Intellectualism, scientific technology, blind faith in God, human will, shallow optimism, and wishful thinking do not handle these problems effectively.”
  “Although Christian Science defines evil as an unreality, a superficial rejection of evil or animal magnetism as “nothing” gives a false sense of security that fails to heal in times of need. We gain dominion over evil as we discipline ourselves to pray scientifically until spiritual healing takes place. Healing occurs when some ungodlike mental element is destroyed through spiritual unfoldment, inspiration, and regeneration, and mental change or purification of thought takes place.  Scientific prayer breaks evil’s hold on the human consciousness because this prayer is more than a passive plea to God for help. This metaphysical work requires that we reason intelligently on the allness of God and the nothingness of evil. It is the prayer of affirmation and denial through which we argue for the good and against the evil in our own thinking.”
  Animal Magnetism by ANN BEALS – 1974
    And this powerful statement  sent to me by a friend.

          “No one begins and no one ends so far as he can see. Life is continuous, eternal. It was better in the past before the heaviness of materiality and mortality enveloped you. It will be better in the future as that mesmerism is broken. It was in this connection that Jesus prayed: ‘Father, give me the glory I had with Thee before the world was.’ The most sublime and effective prayer you can utter is this: ‘Break this mesmerism that envelopes me.’ In Pulpit and Press, Mrs. Eddy writes, ‘Know then that you possess sovereign power to think and act rightly, and that nothing can dispossess you of this heritage, or trespass on Love. If you maintain this position, who or what can cause you to sin or suffer?’

          Every time you voice the Truth, you are breaking this mesmerism, and stepping out into the power of endless Life. Refuse to argue anymore for sickness, lack, death, trouble, danger, failure, pain, discouragement, weariness, etc.; instead argue for the fact that Life is God, health, strength, harmony, endurance, safety, and ageless, deathless being. Pour these truths into your consciousness daily and hourly. They will heal you, develop your capacity to be a success, clarify your vision and you will walk this earth a free man, dignified, unafraid, confident and fearless.
          All the trouble you see and hear in the world is false thinking and its effects. It is not real or true, but you have been educated to think according to these so-called facts, and so, have the habit of wrong thinking, which in turn brings the bad experiences. Watch your thoughts for one day and you will see a tendency towards adverse thoughts about others and yourself also. Make it your job to correct these erroneous thoughts with true thoughts, and you will heal yourself. Your affairs and your whole life will change in proportion to your changes in thinking. There is no other way to be saved, and no one else can do your thinking for you. God has a perfect plan and purpose for each one of His creatures, a right opportunity, and nothing can change this.
          So, do not dread the future, but expect it to be good. If you will take up your position as the Son of God and defend it against all suggestions to the contrary, firmly insisting on your divine right to freedom, peace and plenty, then Mind will give you a finer and more wonderful work and opportunity.”
Attributed to PETER V. ROSS from notes taken at an address he gave in 1933.
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 Association Addresses, Vol. VI
Clara A. Brown
“Man is spiritual, immortal consciousness, the divine idea of God. No evil is present in real being. Man is unlimited in intelligence and ability. He reflects the wisdom and understanding of eternal Mind, and the range of his thought is infinite.
From the beginning of time, that is as far back as human history records, men and women have reached out mentally to grasp these facts. They have striven, often falteringly, to enlarge their perception and understanding of man and the universe. They have sought to utilize existing potentialities coming within range of their comprehension and so to better their conditions.
Without knowing it or analyzing it, they have been reaching out for the truth of their own being,  the Christ, the divine idea of God,  that they might apply it to the human. This effort of the human race to rise above the physical, cultural, and spiritual levels on which they have progressively found themselves, has led on the ages.”
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Association Addresses, Vol. VI

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