Animal Magnetism


by  Ann Beals


38 Pages



In Christian Science, evil is shown to be hypnotic illusion, a belief in a power apart from God, good. It is a specific term used to define evil in its many forms. The study of Christian Science uncovers, analyzes, and destroys evil. All mesmeric control can be overcome through an understanding of God. This booklet explains what evil is, how it operates, and how to handle it through the prayer of affirmation and denial. It also shows why we must handle evil in order to overcome it.

The essence of this booklet is summed up in the following paragraph: “The realization of truth destroys the fear of evil. This loss of fear enables the metaphysician to argue with total conviction against the seeming reality of animal magnetism. When fear is overcome and we can stand absolutely unintimidated by any of evil’s suggestions, we can no longer be influenced by it. It is the destruction of the fear of evil that enables us to handle it most successfully. The loss of fear usually comes gradually as we are faithful to the daily work of study and prayer.”

To anyone understanding this form of prayer, evil is no longer a threat. It is an illusion to be destroyed through the prayerful work that gives one dominion over it. Thus prayer is no longer one of supplication, asking that God deliver us from evil, but one in which we exercise our God-given power over the aggressive suggestions of animal magnetism. As evil becomes more aggressive and subtle, we need this form of prayer in order to detect its aggressive hypnotic suggestions and escape its harmful influence.