Christian Science Treatment

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by  Ann Beals

Hard Cover

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Christian Science Treatment

Once you learn that Christian Science heals through spiritual means alone, the next question is, how does such healing take place? At the heart of the healing work is the study of Christian Science coupled with a unique form of prayer called treatment. This book defines what treatment is and how it can be used to realize healing. Such treatment is far more than a blind faith in God to heal. It is the most powerful form of intelligence known today, for it is based upon Mrs. Eddy’s discovery that God is All and evil is hypnotic illusion.

In Christian Science treatment, you learn to take the initiative and affirm, or argue for, the allness of God and the perfection of man in His likeness; then you deny, or argue against, the power and reality of evil, mortality, and matter. This is the prayer of affirmation and denial. Once you understand this prayer, you can use it to overcome every kind of discord and prove for yourself that evil is unreal. Ms. Beals writes: “This prayer enables you to demonstrate the full healing power of Christian Science. In fact, the treatment is everything! If you are seeking a reliable approach to healing, you will find it in this unique form of prayer.

“As you master the treatment, your healing work is no longer uncertain. It is scientific. You understand how to heal through prayer. To heal with such assurance, you must be thoroughly schooled in the teachings of Christian Science and in the six footsteps of treatment. Then when you apply the treatment to specific claims of discord, sickness, and limitation, your prayerful work brings healing.”

This method of praying is scientific and the blessings that flow from it are in proportion to your understanding and practice of Christian Science.