Association Addresses of Herbert E. Rieke Vol. VI


by Herbert E. Rieke

Transcript – 107 pgs.



Topics explored are:

1961 Address:
Spirit vs. Matter
The Five Phases of Prayer

1962 Address:
The Beatitudes
Our Youth Program

1963 Address:
The Depths of Being
The Lord’s Prayer

In his 1961  address under “The Five Phases of Prayer”, Mr. Rieke says:

“When we pray the prayer of petition we need to rejoice that God, the all-hearing Mind, hears our prayer, and He answers our prayer from His storehouse of spiritual abundance. Our Master said: “Believe that ye receive what ye ask for in prayer.” When petitioning God, we must make sure we do not do too much talking. That’s not polite. We must silently listen for God’s answer, with absolute confidence that the right answer is always there. It is often well to begin our prayer with a sincere expression of the desires of our hearts.”

In his 1962 address under “Infinitesimals”, Mr. Rieke says:

“Because we are thinking rightly about the infinitesimals, the atoms, the molecules, the thought of the world is beginning to change and to see the truth about the basic reality of all phenomena. This year I had the opportunity to read three papers written by Donald Hatch Andrews, professor of chemistry at John Hopkins University. I would like to share a few of his observations. He says, ‘Today there is a new element of hope with us, because this same science which has given us atomic power, has also given us atomic vision. Through the microscope, the spectroscope, and the telescope, we are getting an entirely new view of the basic realities of which both the universe and we ourselves are made. And we are making the startling discovery that, in a word, the basic reality of our universe is not matter but music.'”

In his 1963 address under “The Depths of Being”, Mr. Rieke says:

Do you go over your lesson every day? Someone once said, “Yes, she goes right over her lesson like an airplane flying high over the earth.”

Do you go through your lesson every day? The comment was made, “Yes, he goes through it — like a lead bullet.” I would rather have you read just one section a day and dig deep — be a thorough researcher — than to have you scratch the surface six times a week.

The poet Pope once wrote, “Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.” Don’t be a shallow Christian Scientist; be thorough in your study and application. In our whole movement there is a great need for thoroughness, research in depth.

By giving us the seven synonymous terms for God, Life, Truth, Love, Spirit, Soul, Principle and Mind, our Leader has truly defined the depths of the Supreme Being, the profundity of existence. Let us consider each of these synonymous terms this morning, and dig a little deeper to find the true God.