Business and Employment


by  Various Authors


35 pages



Includes: A Letter Written by Mrs. Eddy to a Business Man, 1904; Business and Money, by Martha Wilcox; True Business; Demand and Supply; Man is always Employed; Happy and Successful Employment; The Continuous Operation of the Law of Good; Banishing Business Difficulties; Position.

Business and employment are a very important part of life. So often we will work metaphysically to heal physical claims or other problems, but fail to treat specifically our concept of business and employment. Perhaps we neglect this work because there seem to be so many outside factors to be handled. It appears to be such a complex problem that we become resigned to circumstances. But we find the more we spiritualize our concept of business and employment, the greater our success, supply, and satisfaction in our work. This special collection is filled with excellent ideas on overcoming lack and limitation through prayer in Christian Science.