Christian Science: Pure Metaphysics


by Dr. Francis J. Fluno


69 pages



This collection of five lectures and four articles by Dr. Fluno was written in the early 1900s. His writing endures because of the clear and direct simplicity with which he presents even the most profound truths. In his lecture, “Christian Science: Pure Metaphysics,” Dr. Fluno writes: “Wipe out or eliminate all that can be called a material universe or a material man, and the true man, the true expression of God, still remains, and will forever remain, no more subject to change or annihilation than is God, the infinite Principle, in whom man lives, and upon whom he depends, and whom he represents.” He also tells us: “There is no truth in sin; that is, there is no truth, hence no reality, in the sinful thought that prompts a sinful action; and that which is unreal is false and is therefore nothing. Sin, however, is a mistaken belief that must be destroyed through suffering or Science. The grand lesson that all must learn is that all must come to Truth. The hard road is by the way of suffering and experience; the easier way is through searching and acceptance.”

In “Christian Science vs. Finite Sense,” there is this passage: “Divine Principle, God, is, and is self-existent and eternal; as primal as infinity and as lasting as eternity. As there can be nothing greater than itself to create it, there can be nothing greater than itself to destroy it. It therefore always was, and always will be, and its creations must be like unto itself; they must be perfect as itself; as primal as itself, and as enduring as itself.”

Dr. Fluno’s lectures go straight to the heart of Christian Science by reasoning on this basic point – that God is All and evil and matter are illusions. They lay a correct spiritual foundation in consciousness that you can build on with confidence. One of Mrs. Eddy’s greatest concerns was the possibility that Christian Science could become adulterated after she left us, and her revelation should slowly be “buried in the rubbish of centuries.” Fortunately she taught many students who understood the need to present this Science in its purest form – such as Dr. Fluno. They remained true to her revelation.

Dr. Fluno was a homeopathic doctor before he found Christian Science in 1884, at which time he abandoned his profession to become a Christian Science practitioner. After taking class with Mrs. Eddy in 1885, he and Mrs. Fluno located permanently in Oakland, California, where he was a practitioner, teacher, and pastor of the local Christian Science church. He was appointed by Mrs. Eddy to lecture on Christian Science throughout the United States. He served in this capacity from 1898 until 1919. This transcript includes an interesting biography about him that was published by his students in 1933. Both the life and the papers of this extraordinary man are an inspiring example of Christian Science lived and demonstrated.