Wonderful Things Are Happening


by Dorothy Rieke


24 pages



In this booklet, Mrs. Rieke shows the healing power that comes from acknowledging God’s allness and refusing to believe that anything but good is taking place. She tells how a Christian Scientist once heard the remark, “Don’t be concerned about anything — wonderful things are happening!” Hearing this, the Scientist resolved that — regardless of the many discordant experiences she was facing — she would rejoice that wonderful things were happening. “She stood steadfast in her practice of this scientific, positive, joyous attitude. . .. As a result, she was very quickly healed of an incurable disease, and her business became far more successful than it ever had been.”

Mrs. Rieke illustrates the power in this positive stand for good with a number of outstanding healings, showing that this is a practical approach to the challenges we face. It is the simplicity of this idea and the way it is explained that makes this booklet so inspiring. The booklet gives four reasons as to why we need not be concerned about anything, because God is All-in-all. Thus, spiritual reasoning makes trust in God’s care practical. This paper is a source of great inspiration and healing.