Collectanea of Items By and About Mary Baker Eddy – (Download)


by Gilbert  Carpenter, Sr. & Jr.




This unique transcript is a collection of brief passages — short, powerful statements of truth — which explain how to establish spiritual healing on a scientific basis, how to pray, how to counteract malicious malpractice. Collectanea relates Christian Science to daily life by bringing out its practicality and by showing how it can meet your every need here and now. Each of these passages, some only a sentence or two, imparts the spiritual strength and understanding that Mrs. Eddy expressed so naturally. To quote a few passages from the collection: “Trust your God, our God in divine Science. There is no other way than for us to TRUST ALWAYS. This I have proven consistently for forty years. Can you, will you, do the same, my beloved student? Remember this, and live continually in the thought and attitude of trust, confident expectation of good. Nothing else can do for you what this can.” “We understand as Christian Scientists that our varied experiences are things of the past; not so the marvelous sense of God’s presence resulting therefrom! God has placed us all in our orbit, and like the stars we are held there by His power. One does not interfere with another and we cannot fall out. Also, God is abundance. God giveth the only abundance. Mental malpractice or error cannot rob us of that abundance, either mentally, morally, physically, or intellectually. This demonstrated proves the power of Life, Truth and Love for every human need.” “There is no fatal mistake; there is no unforgivable wrong; there is no unpardonable sin; there is no permanent injury; there is no incurable disease; there is no such thing as too late.” “There is no fear, conscious or unconscious, that can restrain the power of divine Love to heal.”