Essays on Christian Science Ascribed to Mary Baker Eddy – (Download)


by Gilbert Sr. & Jr., Carpenter




These forty-six unpublished essays give inspiring and healing thoughts from the pen of Mrs. Eddy. On page after page she instructs, inspires, admonishes, and reveals Truth as only she can. Included are essays on “Supply”; “Money Thought”; “Place”; “Man and Woman.” In “Supply” she writes, “What is Life? Life is divine Mind. What is Mind? Mind is the element or substance that thinks. Mind is the only thinker. Nothing else thinks. There is nothing else to think. There is nothing either good or bad until something appears on the scene. Everything is ‘without form and void’ until this something appears. Mind is the primal element. Thinking is this Mind’s activity. Therefore Mind and its thinking is all there is. Then we see that Mind and its thinking is the basis of life. Everything seen in the world today proceeds from thinking. “Visible money, whether in gold, silver, or paper denomination, like the human body, and all other visible objects, is merely thought objectified, manifestation. . . . “This is a very simple thing to understand. Mind is money. Mind is All. There could not be Mind and money, for then Mind would not be All. Money is not your supply. Mind is your supply, and you can have just as much money as you can think . . . for money comes from intelligence, not unintelligence. . . . “Declare persistently that you have money, just as you declare the thought over and over that you have health, that you are perfectly well and you know it, and that the world’s false sense of money cannot touch you, and you will have all you need at all times. If you feel fear regarding money or your supply of it, then you will experience or sense this fear of not having sufficient. It will objectify one way or the other according to your thoughts. Use persistent thought in the direction in which you want the experience to objectify. Then you must learn to stand.” In her essay on “Place,” she tells us: “The place you seek, is seeking you. The place you need, needs you. Divine Principle brings need and supply together for mutual good. [God] wisely, and intelligently, and lovingly controls, guides, protects, prospers, and blesses this union of His idea (man) and this normal joyous activity (work).” This a collection of essays on subjects that relate to our present experience.