Dominion Within- (Download)


by Rev. G.A. Kratzer




In trying to overcome certain problems in Christian Science, do you often wish you could talk with someone who could explain in simple terms how to find healing? Dominion Within was written to meet such a need. During his years as a Christian Science practitioner, Rev. Kratzer realized that his patients could not always remember the spiritual ideas he had given them to work with, and so he began to write short essays summarizing his thoughts on overcoming the many problems of daily life. Rev. Kratzer makes this insightful remark in his essay, “The Law of Right Feeling”: “The writer has observed that many students of Christian Science pay less attention to the government of the mental feelings than to the government of the thoughts. Yet the satisfaction of daily living is more directly a matter of the feelings than of the thoughts, and conditions of health are almost wholly determined for good or ill by the right or wrong activity of the feelings, though, of course, right understanding is necessary to right feeling. Many mistaken mental processes which are merely intellectual do not, on our present plane of experience, adversely affect the feelings, and so do not occasion suffering, either mental or physical; but wrong emotional processes constitute mental suffering or unhappiness, and, if persisted in, beget what is called physical disease. Right activity of the feelings, activity in accord with the nature of God, constitutes, in large measure, the riches of the kingdom of heaven, which are the only true riches. “Since God is the creator and governor of the universe, and is all-powerful and omnipresent, the various manifestations of God constitute the law of the universe, the law of being, the law of every man’s mentality. Part of the changeless manifestations of God consist in love, joy, peace, and confidence in good; hence, these manifestations constitute the law governing the feelings, and any manifestation of human feeling at variance with these divine manifestations is false emotional activity. Fear, anxiety, worry, grief, doubt, anger, jealousy, envy, revenge, all are forms of false emotion.” He goes on to explain how essential it is to health and wellbeing to keep our feelings in line with the law of Love and not become emotionally embroiled in the daily demands made on us. The priceless asset of his book is the practicality of Christian Science in meeting our daily needs and the simple style with which he presents these ideas.