Leaves of Healing – (Download)


by Peter V. Ross

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This unusual collection is comprised of excerpts from letters that Mr. Ross wrote to patients seeking his help as a Christian Science practitioner. These excerpts are strong in the absolute truth needed to heal various claims. But they are also filled with compassion, hope, encouragement, and practical advice — a happy blending of the absolute and relative. To one patient, Mr. Ross wrote: “Life is perpetually hale and hearty because it is God. This Life is in you and through you. It is yours. Indeed, it is you and you are it, because you and Life are one. You and Life are interwoven as certainly as the figure is interwoven with the rug. “No room in your system, therefore, for any disarrangement. Life knows no such abnormal condition as you describe, since Life is God, the jealous God who endures no interference.” “Yes, God is all and the only of your being. You cannot be otherwise than well built and well maintained in every part and detail. This is why you can say, ‘Perfect God and perfect woman, and I am the woman.’ “Talk these truths to yourself understandingly day to day. Thereby you will receive a good treatment. I will stand by you, but through your own efforts, as indicated above, you can accomplish a great deal.” Although these letters were written to his patients, they are as though they were written to everyone today seeking healing — especially healing of physical problems. They have the personal touch that a caring practitioner has for his patients.