Dynamic Christian Science – (Download)


by Bicknell Young

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Mental cause of all things

In Dynamic Christian Science, Mr. Young emphasizes the purely mental cause of all things — good or bad. But he goes further and shows that, while all things are mental, some are true because they are of God and others are false because they are of evil. By distinguishing between the two, we can do prayerful work to deny and destroy the discordant, diseased illusions in consciousness which come from a belief in the power of evil, and we can affirm the health and harmony which are the truth about man. Under the subtitle “Dynamic Christian Science — Love in Action” he writes: “Christian Science is dynamic. It is alert, alive, pulsating with the power, presence, and intelligence of divine Love.

Dynamic Love

The statement ‘Love is reflected in love,’ is a dynamic remark. Our Leader’s writings contain numerous examples of such calls to action. Love is not static. It is not passive, quiescent, dormant, inactive but eager, joyous, glad, festive. It is always sprightly, glowing, fervent, alive. . . The reason that ‘he that feareth is not made perfect in love,’ is due to the fact that fear concerns a future condition, a status that may become a fact, whereas love is a present experience and is therefore a quality of omnipresent Love. It is impossible for love, which is a quality of the now, to be concerned with a future state. Conversely, because fear deals with the future and cannot be a quality of omnipresent Love, of the now, John was obliged to write, ‘There is no fear in love.’ . . . Only as love is loving now, is being love now, can it be love at any time. There is no such thing as love was, or love will be. Love is. That is dynamic Christian Science.”

In this paper, Mr. Young deals in specifics: how to overcome sensitivity to cold and heat, how to handle spiritualism, how to discern the body as a spiritual idea, how to do healing work for yourself and others. He poured a lifetime of learning and teaching into this address – the last one that he wrote.