Reflection: Man Made In Gods Image – (Download)


by Bicknell Young

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This book is worthy of long and serious study. Mr. Young explains that there is only one Mind, and therefore all is Mind. There is no opposite to this one Mind. Prayerful work in Christian Science is not focused on denying and destroying evil, for the mortal concept is pure illusion, a false concept that has been accepted into individual consciousness. How can we destroy an illusion? Animal magnetism is nothing more than ignorance concerning God. Although we need at times to deny its seeming reality, we should realize that we are only denying an illusion, something that does not exist. Why try to destroy something that does not exist?

The main purpose of our work is to understand the nature of God so clearly that this eliminates evil, for the real and the unreal cannot both occupy in the same mind at the same time. In discussing the present state of consciousness, through which we relate to each other, he writes, “We are relatively at the same point of spiritual discernment, or we would have no awareness of each other as we appear today; there would be no point of contact; nor would we apparently have the same sense world. Being, in belief, at the same point of spiritual unfoldment, what appears as your world appears as my world, what appears to be personal disease is impersonal disease, what appears as personal hate or resentment is impersonal hate and resentment — the one universal claim, mortal mind, mass mesmerism operating consciously and unconsciously as ‘personal minds.’ Each so-called mind is its own universe, but the belief being mass mesmerism, it is the universe of all. . . . Until one awakens to the spiritual fact of the one Mind, as revealed in Christian Science, one’s universe continues to be the universe of mass mesmerism. . . . We are what others are, we have what others have, until we learn, through the revelation of Christian Science, to demonstrate our individuality as the reflection of Mind, by entertaining ideas which declare or express the infinite nature of that Mind which is God.”

We take in the false images of mortal mind and so suffer from them until we rise above the illusion that evil is real, and we live in the atmosphere of divine Mind. Mr. Young explains how to separate illusion from reality and how to meet the obstacles and resistance that this transformation brings. This is one of Mrs. Young’s finest papers.