God Is All


by Ronald A. Klette


52  pages



Christian Science teaches the allness of God and the unreality or nothingness of evil and matter. As we understand God, good, to be all, evil and its effects become unreal. This paper is outstanding in its analysis of God’s allness. Mr. Klette writes: “Mrs. Eddy, among other things, tells us, ‘God is omni-action,’ God is an ever-active God. He could not be God if He were not always actively being what He is. We are too inclined to think of God as a dormant sort of God — good, but not really doing anything about it. I think you can see that if Good is not actively good, then it cannot be anything at all.” And how do we realize God’s allness? He tells us, “The whole of Christian Science, the whole of our understanding, is based on this indisputable fact, that God is All. We cannot abandon that under any circumstances — there is no exception. Whatever we do, let us start with God as All, then whatever may crop up in our thinking that may suggest that it is something besides God, abandon that as an unreality. If we do this methodically and don’t allow ourselves to be side-tracked from our purpose, we will peel away, bit by bit, all illusions until the allness of God is the only consciousness left, and you see that you and God are one.” This is an inspiring booklet because it presents with such simple logic some of the deepest ideas found in Christian Science.