Lectures on Christian Science – (Download)


by Peter V. Ross

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A collection of fourteen lectures that Mr. Ross gave between 1922 and 1942 while serving as a Christian Science lecturer. Includes: The Divine Immanence; The Destiny of Man; The Operation of Divine Law in Human Affairs; The Answer to Human Problems; Assurance to a Troubled World. This is an inspiring collection of lectures, with an introduction that tells Mr. Ross’ experience in finding Christian Science and his desire to give lectures that would reach his listeners — a desire that he realized when he became a lecturer. His lectures were so popular that when he lectured, the auditorium was filled, and people were turned away. His lectures carry the same healing message today. From the lecture “The Divine Immanence” we find the following under the heading “Life Not in Matter”: “Throughout her writings Mrs. Eddy uses the word ‘Life’ as synonymous with God, and she maintains, in unmistakable language and with flawless logic, that God is man’s life. But in so doing she makes it clear that she is referring to spiritual man, not the material concept of him. She affirms that life is not in matter and does not reside in the material body. . . . “The mistaken supposition that matter is real and that man has a material body is the source of a person’s difficulties. With that false notion begin his limitation, his insecurity, his suffering. Believing himself incased in a body of matter, he is confined to the limited area occupied by that body, instead of enjoying the limitless freedom and positive exemption from danger which belong to man born of Spirit. “There need be no apprehension that through the renunciation of material belief the foundation of things will slip away or that man will lose his identity. Christian Science teaches that man’s individual entity persists throughout eternity, never to be absorbed in Deity nor yet to be disintegrated and lost among the shifting sands of time. And experience in the practice of Christian Science proves that the more one dwells in the spiritual sense of existence the more do beauty and perfection and permanence become apparent, for the false concept of things, which has obscured the real, passes away. The world of nature begins to appear ‘appareled in celestial light,’ the world of humanity commences to lose it blemishes of mind and body and the individual finds himself growing ‘unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.’” For an introduction to Christian Science, this collection of lectures is outstanding. Mr. Ross had a talent for explaining such profound metaphysics in a manner that made them appealing to those who knew little or nothing about this Science.