Life Without Years


by Paul Stark Seeley

transcript – 34 pages



A collection of articles focused on age: Life without Years; Life’s Eternal Abundance; “If Thine Eye Be Single”; God Is with Us Here and Hereafter; Our Father’s Demand — Unself Mortality; Accidents, False Phenomena; Perception; The Remedy for Pains from “Peeves”; Right When — Right Then; Ruling the Unruly Member; Seeing and Hearing Permanent as Being; Some Thoughts about Hair; Timeless Being. In the article, “If Thine Eye Be Single” he writes: “Mortals believe that sight and hearing are personal possessions, that each mortal has these faculties embodied in his corporeality, and that time, accident, or other material beliefs can impair them. Christian Science takes exactly the opposite view. It points to the healings by Christ Jesus of those who were born blind and deaf as evidence that God never impairs, but rather perpetuates the faculties of man. Matter testified in Jesus’ time, ‘Here is a mortal who was born blind; he will never see.’ But a moment later he saw. The Master’s understanding that man and his faculties are spiritual, God-constituted and immutable, dissipated the godless material condition, and the patient saw. The conditions of negative matter yielded to the mandate of positive Mind. Jesus understood that man’s ability to perceive can be neither bestowed nor destroyed by unintelligent matter. . . . “To overcome impaired sight or hearing, we study to become more fully conscious of the present spiritual perfection of man, of his seeing and his hearing as the work of the one Ego. So-called material sight must be seen as not the true sight. We must begin to see the things that are spiritual and eternal as a prerequisite to seeing more normally the things that are temporal. “As in the Master’s time, so now it is required of us that our eye be single, that our sensibility be that of the one God — His sight and His hearing inevitably expressed in His ever-seeing, ever-hearing man, on whose faculties material supposition can work no alteration or impairment because they evidence the eternal activity of God.”