The Bookmark Medley Vol. III


Hard Cover Book

90 pages

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This Medley is a collection of articles especially relevant to today’s challenges both individually and collectively. Its purpose is to help us all to rise above the stirred state of collective world consciousness, chemicalizing over the many challenges being given us to work through individually. These articles enable us to see the overall picture in its right perspective according to the Christianly scientific viewpoint. Then we can analyze it as it really is – animal magnetism resisting its own destruction. It also gives us the metaphysics with which to work with the quiet reassurance that God is working His purpose out. Included in this collection are Undisturbed by Martha Harris Bogue, God’s Law of Adjustment by Adam H. Dickey, Love Your Problems by Martha Wilcox, The Law of Separation by Ann Beals, Expansion by Kate Swope, Your Present Immortality by Daniel Jenson, and finally two articles by Mary Baker Eddy – Youth and Age and My Grace is Sufficient for Thee