by Samuel Greenwood


112 pages



Transcript of three Association Addresses (1940, 1941, 1942)  Pre-Existence: Taking Possession of Our Birthright; The Living Word; The Spiritual Transformation of Consciousness

In Preexistence: Taking Possession of Our Birthright, he tells us that, as sons and daughters of God, we are here and now immortal ideas of the one Mind. Moreover, we have always been so. He writes: “It is taught by the Scriptures that God is Life; and by the same token, it can be said that in Him is no death at all. In eternal Life there are no blank moments, no unfilled vacuums, no absence of living, no dreary emptiness, no broken down lives, no beginning and no end. To be what He is, God must be universal in time and space; and in this divine ever-presence, all of His creatures live in freedom from death and danger; but it is not possible to grasp the truth of man’s preexistence with the Father, or to comprehend its significance and application on the basis of physical sense. We must turn absolutely from matter to Mind as the source and condition of being, if we would rightly possess the idea of man’s essential immortality.”