The Key Of Divine Science


by Samuel Greenwood


109 pages



Transcript of three Association Addresses (1937, 1938, 1939) The Key of Divine Science; The Weapons of Our Warfare; Regeneration: the Human Surrender to the Divine

The clouds of war were gathering over Europe when he wrote his address, The Weapons of Our Warfare in 1938. In it Mr. Greenwood warns of the great need to live Christian Science to its fullest if we want to escape the suffering that will eventually force us to demonstrate over mortality. He writes: “Instead of furnishing the ground for a harmonious and peaceful life, which it would do if it were of God, materiality supplies the inducement and the opportunity for breaking every commandment of the Mosaic Decalogue, as well as providing the punishment thereof. Is it not strange, when each generation of mankind, down through the ages, has run the gamut of sin and suffering, and experienced the same failure of materiality to help them to something nobler, that we are found consenting to wait for the chastisements of suffering and disappointment before being willing to turn from the emptiness of life in matter to seek the fullness of spiritual life?” He then goes on to show how we can and must rise above not only the pain, but the pleasures, of the senses into the state of mind that can no longer suffer.