Soul and Body



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Articles by Daisette McKenzie, Martha Wilcox, Edward Kimball, Dorothy Rieke, and Remarks on Body by Mrs. Eddy as recorded by Pamela Leonard The term Mind and body literally means God and man, for man is the expression of Mind, and the manifestation of Mind is the embodiment of Mind. Therefore man is God’s body, and there is but one God. Body is therefore the aggregation of spiritual ideas, forever controlled and governed by the law of Life, harmonious and eternal. This understanding of perfect body is the savior of the belief of body and is the law of recovery to any and every claim of error. Mary Baker Eddy So often in Christian Science we do not know how to think about the body — whether to deny its existence or affirm that the one we have now is perfect. This collection of papers represents a powerful statement on how to think about and treat the body in Christian Science. They explain that we do not deny the body, but translate it into a spiritual concept. As we see that it is governed by spiritual and not material laws, we learn how to claim our dominion over it and this brings healing. This collection corrects the belief that body exists independently of God. We appear to live in the medium of matter with a body subject to sickness, disease, age, and death. In Christian Science we come to view it differently. The false laws and material beliefs we hold in consciousness give way to an understanding of the spiritual laws and qualities that govern our true selfhood in God’s likeness. Then we learn that the body is ultimately a spiritual form governed by divine laws of health and harmony, rather than a physical form subject to material laws of disease and death. As we explore this spiritual concept of body, we come to see through the physical form to the spiritual causes underlying it. These articles show the need to see body as a spiritual idea and not as a material form, and they give the divine metaphysics for doing this. The mental causes of disease and age gradually fade out as thought is illumined with the Science of Soul. Combined these papers present a powerful statement regarding the body as a spiritual idea.