The Discovery of the Science of Man (1821-1888)


by Doris Grekel

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390 pages

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PREFACE to The Discovery of the Science of Man
The Life of Mary Baker Eddy(1821-1888)

On the twenty-sixth of November in 1897, Mrs. Eddy wrote in a letter to Julia Field-King, “People seem to understand C.S. in the exact ratio that they know me and vice versa. It sometimes astonishes me to see the invariableness of this rule.” In March of 1907 when Joseph Pulitzer of the New York World was spearheading an attack and a lawsuit against the Revelator to this age, she said to a student, “The papers are writing up my history; the history of my ancestry; writing lies. My history is a holy one.”

For many years the author has been seeking to know Mrs. Eddy and to learn her holy history. Though she feels she has little more than begun on this vast search, it has been rewarding beyond expectations. This research has convinced her that an understanding of the trials and triumphs of Mary Baker Eddy is essential for those who “would enter by the door.”
The publication of these pages is a small, partial payment toward the great debt we owe to the Discoverer of the Science of Man.