Immortality Brought To Light


by Dorothy Rieke


47 pages



Immortality Brought to Light shows the importance of declaring and understanding that we are immortal here and now. Mrs. Rieke shows the blessings that come from denying birth, human parentage, heredity, age, and death, and by claiming to be an immortal idea at one with God throughout eternity. She points out the many ways we prepare to die, and expect to age and die, thus counteracting our longing to be immortal. Then she explains how important it is to claim our immortality and live this idea daily. She writes, “It is good to realize that not only are we immortal now, but we have always been so. There has never been a beginning to immortality. There has never been an interruption in immortality with a material existence.”

And further on she states, “We are the children of God, immortal, perfect, abiding forever in God’s heavenly kingdom. From this one and only state of existence, we cannot descend to it, we cannot ascend. We are there now, claiming it, understanding it, and rejoicing in it.”
For those struggling with age and the fear of death, this booklet is both enlightening and comforting. It is an wake-up call to begin here and now to handle the belief in mortality, age, death and bring to light our immortality.