The Kingdom of Heaven Within


Blanch Hersey Hogue


62 pages



In these four Association Addresses, Mrs. Hogue brings Christian Science out of the absolute and relates it to you, — your needs, your spiritual progress, your ability to demonstrate Christian Science. Under the heading “Handling Animal Magnetism” she writes: “The Christian Scientist’s need is for handling the claim of animal magnetism. It is the specific name for all error, and Christian Science is here to dispose of it in consciousness. As we break the claim of animal magnetism, we soar and sing above our work. All Christian Science work is just undoing animal magnetism. Handling animal magnetism means going to heaven. It includes all the supposed conditions which perpetuate matter — the propagation, birth, maturity, decay of material organism, including man. It is the latent mental reservoir from which comes every woe. It is the one lying voice of animal magnetism which says:

1. That it is mind or intelligence;
2. That it has stuff, substance, matter, out of which to make forms;
3. That it has space to put matter into – location;
4. That it has laws, causes, conditions, effects by which to destroy what it thinks it made;
5. That it has time in which to do destructive things;
6. That God created it and all its works – the most impudent claim of all.

“At this point in our own thinking, in our own temptation, we dissolve the dream with the Christ Truth. This dissolving goes on and the dream-world loses its hold just as fast as we see and prove error’s illusive nature. Refusing to accept as real anything but perfect God, perfect man, and perfect universe, is the healing of animal magnetism; and when you have to go on taking care of things in the illusion — providing food and shelter and making concessions for it, and so on — you keep that watchword, illusion, in your thinking at every point. Keep the dream but without the dreamer. You know the stir against Christian Science is just part of the whole working out of salvation. Just world chemicalization. Christian Science ‘summons the conflict’ with the dream stuff. Then we need not be dismayed by the dream chemicalization on all sides. It has been divinely summoned.”

And she also declares: “We think ourselves into heaven and act ourselves into heaven by knowing and doing the will of God. . . . Heaven is not to be died into, but it is to be awakened into. It cannot be gone to someday, but must be lived up to now, today.” She goes on to explain the means of finding heaven by spiritualizing consciousness. She also tells us: “All the life you think you have lived in matter has not been life at all; only a dream blur. . . . All this time when belief has believed that dream, you have been living an immortal life, have been experiencing in God’s sight an endless life in Him.”