by Bicknell Young


32 pages



In this important subject of our relationship with God, Mr. Young writes: “. . .  a Christian Scientist is taught there is nothing he desires or hopes for, from the infinitesimal to the infinite, that is not to be found within himself. Not only is he taught this, but that it is the only place these things are to be found, because God is his Mind, and Mind is and includes all things.”

This is a magnificent paper, explaining how we are one with God right here, right now. Man’s relationship with God has been a mystery for centuries, but Christian Science dispels this mystery by showing how we are one with God – it is a subjective oneness. Always the answer to every problem lies within our own consciousness, and understanding our oneness with God is the answer to meeting it. Mr. Young writes, “. . . . wouldn’t we be overjoyed and relieved to know there is no sick man to be made well, no sinning man to be made good, nothing to be diminished or erased — just mortal mind to be eliminated, and that at the door of our own thought?”