The Secret Place


by Ann Beals

Hard Cover

88 Pages



Christ Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” Christian Science leads us into this kingdom within. Through her discovery of Christian Science, Mrs. Eddy was able to make an absolute separation between the real and the unreal, the mortal and the immortal. In so doing, she opened the way for all mankind to find the kingdom of God. But her discovery is so vast a revelation that those who are trying to follow in her footsteps often wonder how to go about achieving this spiritualization of consciousness.

In The Secret Place, Ms. Beals asks, “How does one lose himself as matter and gain a spiritual sense of things? How do we convert theory to fact, and exchange faith for understanding? How do we outgrow the old and put on the new? How do we spiritualize consciousness? Actually there is a progressive plan underlying our deliverance from evil.” She then outlines five phases one passes through in moving beyond a mortal sense of life into a rudimentary understanding of God. “Through each phase of our unfoldment, we develop a better rapport with God. As we struggle with the seeming reality of animal magnetism and overcome it, the belief in evil dies out, and so do many false traits — fear, anger, hate, resentment, personal sense, self-will, and jealousy, to name a few. The furnace experience drains us of the heaving sea of mortal emotions, and brings a calmness and peace ‘which passeth all understanding.’ As false emotions disappear, our true selfhood, hidden within, comes forth to fill the void. Spiritual intuitions replace human intellect and reason. When we listen more to God and less to ourselves, we are sensitive to the ‘still, small voice’ of Truth and Love. When we hear this voice, there is a feeling of being at one with God. We move with God’s inner promptings. As we learn to obey these intuitions, we demonstrate all that we do.”

This transcript does more than define the difference between mortal mind and immortal Mind. It explains how to go from the material to the spiritual state of mind, and the work involved in achieving this inner transformation. It explains specifically the struggle with evil each one must undertake in order to prove the unreality of animal magnetism and matter, and so gain dominion over them. The reasons for the orderly unfoldment of this plan are given, along with the author’s own experiences in demonstrating each phase.