The Law of Love


by Ann Beals


91 Pages



The Law of Love

The author explains why obedience to the law of Love is basic to understanding and demonstrating Christian Science. What obstructs the unfoldment of spiritual ideas? What prevents us from gaining a deeper understanding of God and man? Our violation of the law of Love. Many of the most common traits of character that we consider normal are actually forms of sin that violate the law of Love. These mortal elements are listed and defined in this discussion. The Christly qualities that we should express are explained. We achieve this transformation of consciousness through study and prayer, and by living the law of Love.

We read in this book that we must reform our heart and soul and mind to obey the law of Love. Ms. Beals writes: “We must work at this until a Christ-like love becomes the natural medium in which we think and live. We must live it in our hearts when we are alone, and in our private lives with those who are close to us, and daily with everyone we come in contact with. There can be no duplicity about this. Spiritual love has to rule from the inmost thoughts to the farthest reaches of our mind.” And she adds, “My friend, it often takes superhuman strength to return love for hate; not to make a reality of the abuse and injustice of animal magnetism; not to react to it; to stand in the face of undeserved coldness, indifference, misunderstanding, personal wrongs, and demonstrate such dominion that we do not react with similar emotions. When we do so, when we return quiet patience, forgiveness, kindness, and understanding to those handled by animal magnetism, we are demonstrating spiritual love.”