The Spiritual Nature of Reality

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by Richard Claude Haw

Hard Cover

75 pages



As the differences between science and religion begin to diminish, Mr. Haw shows how Christian Science will become the final answer to this conflict. Drawing upon statements by prominent physicists, he shows how modern physics are verifying the statement Mrs. Eddy made over a century ago – that there is no matter. The advancing age is learning that all things are mental. Christian Science provides the next step in this development by showing all things real to be spiritual.

Mr. Haw also relates Christian Science to the medical world. He gives examples of the evolution of medicine towards the idea that the human mind is the cause of all illness. Then he shows how Christian Science heals or transforms the mind, and in doing so brings about healing.

Because this is originally written as an association address, he discusses the problems in the Christian Science movement, and emphasizes how we must do prayerful work for ourselves and for our world, and he concludes with several very impressive examples of his own handling of crime and terrorism in South Africa. This book is important because it specifically relates Christian Science to the evolving scientific and medical world as they draw closer each year to recognizing the allness of Mind and the unreality of matter.