Twelve Years With Mary Baker Eddy


by Rev. Irving C. Tomlinson


113 pages



This is an absorbing book about Rev. Tomlinson’s years in the service of Mrs. Eddy. Drawing upon his notes, he tells of her experiences leading up to her discovery of Christian Science, her remarkable healing work, the instruction she imparted to those in her service, the founding of the Church and periodicals, her love of home, and many accounts of her generosity toward those who helped her. His many quotes of her remarks to him are gems of metaphysics that often give new light to some aspect of Christian Science.

The book provides a unique view of the daily life in Mrs. Eddy’s household. It discloses the atmosphere of her home, her attitude towards others, and her healing work. Woven into the account are Mrs. Eddy’s recollections of her girlhood and the events leading up to her discovery of Christian Science. The modest title of the book does not reveal the rich content of his first-hand memoirs, or his final appraisal of her place in religious history, and her desire to be known by her works rather than her personality.