Mental Malpractice


by  Ann Beals


111 Pages



Mental Malpractice

As we progress ever deeper into a mental age, the abuse of mental power needs to be carefully considered in Christian Science. The world is increasingly aware of the power of hypnotism, subliminal suggestion, mind-control, and aggressive mental suggestion. These forms of malpractice are committed daily against the undefended mind. Christian Science provides a sure means of defending the mind from all forms of hypnosis.

The general concept of malpractice is that of one person mentally attacking another — a conscious and deliberate act to harm or control him often through secret hypnosis. But there are many other subtle forms of malpractice which we encounter daily, and unless we are aware of them, we unconsciously accept into consciousness these false suggestions and suffer from them.

This book includes a brief history of mesmerism to show how it is the work of depraved will-power, and how the present use of hypnosis is a growing threat to individual health and freedom. It explains many forms of malpractice, and alerts us to the many harmful effects that malpractice can have on our health and lives. But most important, it explains how Christian Science enables one to become immune to malpractice, to recognize mental attacks and successfully defend the mind against them through scientific prayer.